Replicator core manual extension update

I have code-2022.3.3 with replicator core 1.7.7 and isaac_sim-2022.2.1 with replicator core 1.7.8.
The documentation links to a replicator API docs for a version 1.10 indicating it as the most recent:
Is it possible to update somehow replicator core alone or we need to wait for a new release of core/isaac?

Currently you should be able to get Replicator 1.9.8 by installing Code 2023.1.1 Beta, inside the Omniverse Launcher:

Apologies for the extremely late reply, but incase anyone else needs an answer for this … Code and Isaacsim run on versions of Kit, that depending on their release cadence, may not be sync’d. Currently IsaacSim is the recommended kitapp for use with Replicator if you need the latest versions of replicator.

Unfortunately if an app has a different version of kit (like Code and IsaacSim currently do) the latest versions of Replicator are incompatible with Code, and can’t simply be updated. As julian mentions, the latest version of Replicator for Code is 1.9.8.