Which do people use: Code vs. Isaac for Replicator?

Code vs. Isaac for Replicator? I’ve been struggling forever to get Code 2022.3.3 to be stable. It is constantly crashing and corrupting itself, on 3 different machines. It hasn’t been updated in years so I get the impression it’s an orphan. Isaac is much more recent but has other issues that require reworking my extensions. Anyone want to weigh in? For instance, periodically Code gets corrupted when I do very specific things, I call them landmines. e.g. if you open up the “Sensors Output” view that shows Replicator’s annotations in a sister pane, and leave it open while you run Replicator, it crashes my machine, hard, seg fault reboot tier crash (ANY Win 11 machine I’ve installed this on) and corrupts Code. It ate my extension search paths, makes it so the warp and Replicator extensions don’t auto-load, etc. It’s very consistent. Am I the only one who has these problems or the only one still using Code?

@holdendp chiming in here as a fellow OV user - given the replicator extension (v1.10.20) in the latest Isaac Sim (2023.1.1) is newer than the one found in the latest Code (2023.1.1), which is v1.9.8, i would have to assume most people have switched over to Isaac Sim. But what you have experienced sounds like a bug; one that may or may not have been addressed in the latest version, so it may be worth upgrading.

Thanks for feedback. I’ve actually never been able to get Code 2023.1.1 to run, it just quits when I launch it. It’s also beta. I’ve reinstalled at least 5 times from as scratch as I could get my machine to be.

for replicator work, i’d probably lean towards Isaac for the time being until a new Code comes out.

that said, if you are looking to troubleshoot Code 2023.1.1, perhaps you could upload the launcher.log for assessment. does the issue pertain to installation or launch?

Launcher .log location:

  • Windows - %userprofile%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\launcher.log
  • Linux - /.nvidia-omniverse/logs/launcher.log
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