Isaac Sim recompiling ray tracing shaders every time it is opened

For some reason, every time I reopen Isaac Sim it recompiles the ray tracing shaders. This usually takes around 3 minutes and prevents me from using the app. This is extremely frustrating as Isaac will randomly crash when starting the simulation or when it tries to use too much VRAM. Any help on how to prevent this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi. Please provide more information like your hardware setup and environment.

  • Which GPU
  • Driver version (run nvidia-smi on Linux)
  • Which OS version
  • Are you running natively from the OV Launcher and a display connected to the GPU

A log file will be helpful too. See link below for log file location.
Try clearing the shader cache folder. See link below.

GPU: RTX 3060 12 GB
Driver: 525.85.05
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS

I am running natively with a display connected to the GPU from the OV Launcher.
I tried clearing the shader cache folder with no luck.
Attached is a log file showing the shaders recompiling.

Thank you,
kit_20230313_100451.log (1.2 MB)

Thanks for the additional info. Do you see similar issues with the Create and Code app?
You could try reinstalling to the latest drivers too.
12GB VRAM should be fine running our simple examples but loading large scenes may require more VRAM.

After reinstalling the latest drivers and clearing the shader cache folder this problem seems to have been resolved. Thank you for the help.

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Which driver version do you use?

I installed the latest drivers for RTX 3060 - 525.89.02.

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Do you mean deleting the folder named “104.1” in path “~/.cache/ov/Kit”?
Because that’s the only folder in the path “~/.cache/ov/Kit”.
And I’m still having the same issue when I already deleted the folder “104.1”.
Do I have to get rid of “104.1” even in Trash?

I’m on driver 525.89.02, ubuntu 20.04, GeForce RTX 3090 by the way.

Hi, thank you for your comment.

Can you share which driver version you installed and which shader cache forder you deleted?

@user91041 and @PARKBONG - Please review the complete trails of this forum issue. You will find all the necessary info.

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