Isaac Sim launching error

Hi. I’m facing similar issue in launching Isaac Sim. I’m currently using RTX3050 and 16GB ram. I checked Isaac Sim works on my environment few month ago, but currently I’m facing launching issue. So I reinstalled the IsaacSim with the lastest version, but still it doesn’t works. Here are my log files. First log is written when I launched without any modification, and second one is written when I launched with extra argument -v. Can I get some help?
kit_20230104_164354.log (1.1 MB)
kit_20230104_165039.log (1.1 MB)

Hi, I don’t see any errors in the log. Looks like Isaac Sim is still building the shaders.
Please wait about 5-10 mins for the shaders to warm up on first load.

What is the output of nvidia-smi?

I waited but the launcher got crashed…
The output of `nvidia-smi is this;

Try upgrade to the 525.60.11 drivers. You could also force close the terminal window during the install to quickly complete the install.

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