Isaac 2023.1.1 standalone starting up time problem


I’m following the standalone tutorial in the official isaac sim documents ‘5.7. Adding a New Manipulator’.

This is being run on Window 11 with 4090 and 24core intel cpu

Why does it take so long startup?
There’s a 120second gap between Simulation App Starting and Simulation App Startup Complete.
And “world.add_task() world.reset()” took 120second

How can i fix it?



@harry987home i am just another user, and not sure if this thread is relevant in your specific scenario:

@Simplychenable Thank you for your answer.

When I checked, the process of checking the server was called when instantiating the task class, and it was not related to the slow loading speed of the simulation app.

But thank you for letting me know.

When I looked up the log file, I found the following bottlenecks.

Standalone’ve been doing RTX shader compiling every start.
Why do Isaac sim do compiling every run even though I’ve installed Cache properly?

here are threads that provide addition information to your inquiry about repeated shader compilation that could be worth checking out:

the explanation from the dev -

solution -

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Thank you for the information.

I have resolved this issue by adding --Vulkan.

Upon checking, when running Isaac Sim in DirectX12, the program did not generate cache files.
This is suspected to be an issue with version 551.76 of the graphics driver or Isaac Sim 2023.1.1.

I understand that DirectX12 works better than Vulkan in the Windows 11 environment. If the issue of not generating cache files is resolved, using DirectX12 seems preferable.

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