Replicator YAML extension not found

I cannot find the Replicator Yaml extension in Code or Kit. It can only be found in the ISAAC. Documentation clearly states it should be available to all Kit apps. Why is this happening to me? Code 2023.1.1 and Kit105.1.0 do not come with that extension. How do we get replicator 1.10 in there.

Hi @Turowicz

The latest replicator version which includes the new YAML feature is currently only available in the latest IsaacSim release - which is built on a newer version of Kit. When a new version of Code is released, it will include the latest replicator, but I don’t have a date for you.

@pcallender thanks for clarifying. Shame that the standard of NVIDIA’s documentation tends to be a lot of misleading information. Looking forwards to using YAML in Code.

@Turowicz, thanks for pointing out this error in the docs. Our team is working on fixing the issue.

How can I point issaac.sim.bat at a replicator yaml from cmd to generate some annotations from the example?

cc @amelian @pcallender

Hi @Turowicz

You can modify one of the existing bat files in a similar way as headless. In the case below, I duplicated the existing isaac-sim.headless.native.bat:

@echo off
call "%~dp0kit\kit.exe" "%%~dp0apps/omni.isaac.sim.headless.native.kit" --ext-folder "%~dp0/apps" --no-window  %* --/omni/replicator/replicatorYaml/yamlPath='C:/yaml_tests/tutorial_basic_functionality.yaml'

Just tested this a minute ago and it works. Btw, thanks for bringing up the original issue of Code being mentioned. As I update the docs, I’ll add the isaac bat example from here as well.


Thanks for a quick response!

Easiest to just use the isaac container.