Replicator YAML feedback to NVIDIA


We have recently picked up Omniverse Replicator here at Surveily and have some initial thoughts on using it. We have chosen the new YAML workflow in attempt of having non-engineers be able to manipulate our templates to create new scenarios.

It would be helpful if the following features were added to the workflow:

  • Input YAML validation. Currently if someone misspells a property name or function name we will learn about that mistake later in the process of generation. Having a YAML schema that is validated upfront would be very helpful.
  • Allow for opening stage. Currently the only option is to load from usd but that is not the equivalent. We get different paths and settings.
  • Allow for loading MDL files to the World. Currently the only option is to add them to the usd file and load it.
  • Better error information. Currently when something goes wrong there are just some random python errors and noone is the wiser. Especially when using randomizer.material with a list of materials.
  • Fix your warnings. Currently running a simple YAML against the ISAAC container produces many warnings.

Thanks in advance for consideration!

cc @wilfried.rakow

@dennis.lynch any comment? :)

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll note it and also forward your contact to someone on our Developer Relations team


This would be very useful, to be able to load MDL files from script just like we can load other USDs into scene.