Cannot apply material/texture to USD files


I am trying to generate synthetic data using Replicator Composer. When I select the room scenario to be a USD file and provide texture/material domain randomization, there are no changes in the wall or floor while executing Replicator Composer.

When I create a normal floor and wall with “scenario_room_enabled” as true and then provide the same texture/material argument, I can see the changes in texture/material in each frame.

Can we change texture/material of the floor or wall of a USD file or not ?

Note: I have named all the respective meshes as either wall or floor in the stage area.
My replicator Composer file:
backup_2.yaml (1013 Bytes)

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure about this

But I’ve been using randomised HDRI sky boxes (with randomised sky lighting intensity)
It achieves a similar result- although it does not have a proper ‘floor’

I used GitHub - agmmnn/polydown: Batch downloader for Download 'HDRIs, Textures and Models' in any sizes with preview images. to get a good range of HDRs

I don’t need to apply textures to the wall or floor by creating them. I already have a USD file which has a room and I want to apply texture based Domain Randomization in that.

Hope I am able to explain the issue. Let me know if I need to provide more information.