[Replicator] No textures on instantiate

Hi! I’m having an issue where I don’t want to get all the usd files from a single directory so get_usd_files(path, recursive = True) is not a possibility. Loading the usd files as a reference works fine but when loading them through rep.randomizer.instantiate does not load the textures.
I’m using “omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA…” paths.

instance = rep.randomizer.instantiate(
        use_cache=True,  #False does the same.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @didiersurka. I’ve moved this question to the Synthetic Data Generation forum where the Replicator team will be able to help you.

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Yup, same issue.

instances = rep.randomizer.instantiate(rep.utils.get_usd_files(USDFOLDER), size=size, mode='point_instance')

It takes 3 frames to load materials, but image is taken on first frame. Increased on_frame interval and now I got 2 frames without materials and last one is usable.

Just retested and even if I go to replicator>Step, they never show up.
on_frame(interval = 10) doesn’t help either. RTX interactive or real-time, same result.

So i’m guessing it’s how’s getting the files from nucleus.

Hi @didiersurka I’m going to try and repro, but it would be helpful to know some info about the asset you’re trying to load. Is it a big asset? Are there any errors or warnings in the log when trying?