[Replicator] No textures on instantiate

Hi! I’m having an issue where I don’t want to get all the usd files from a single directory so get_usd_files(path, recursive = True) is not a possibility. Loading the usd files as a reference works fine but when loading them through rep.randomizer.instantiate does not load the textures.
I’m using “omniverse://localhost/NVIDIA…” paths.

instance = rep.randomizer.instantiate(
        use_cache=True,  #False does the same.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @didiersurka. I’ve moved this question to the Synthetic Data Generation forum where the Replicator team will be able to help you.

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Yup, same issue.

instances = rep.randomizer.instantiate(rep.utils.get_usd_files(USDFOLDER), size=size, mode='point_instance')

It takes 3 frames to load materials, but image is taken on first frame. Increased on_frame interval and now I got 2 frames without materials and last one is usable.

Just retested and even if I go to replicator>Step, they never show up.
on_frame(interval = 10) doesn’t help either. RTX interactive or real-time, same result.

So i’m guessing it’s how’s getting the files from nucleus.

Hi @didiersurka I’m going to try and repro, but it would be helpful to know some info about the asset you’re trying to load. Is it a big asset? Are there any errors or warnings in the log when trying?

I’m having the same issue. Objects with instantiate have no textures in the output RGB images the vast majority of the time, however they have textures in the GUI’s viewport. Additionally, when I try to give other things textures through randomizing the material, like a plane I am using for a floor the same thing occurs. It seems that less than 1/10 times the floor actually has texture in the output images even though the viewport image has it. I get no warnings or errors on running the replicator. The I get 2 warnings on running my script:

[carb]Plugin interfaace for a client: omni.hydratexture.plugin was already released.
[omni.replicator.core.scripts.utils.utils]More than one downstream connection detected, graph scheduling may not produce expected results

edit: I forgot to answer, these are not big assets I’m loading. Basic things like chairs and other furniture.

I am having the same issue while randomizing the textures. materials and colors on instantiate. I am using a big asset. But if I use rep.create.from_dir or rep.create.from_usd, everything works fine. It happens only while using rep.randomizer.instantiate.

Any help is appreciated.