Bundled 7.9 Gdb.exe overflows stack when stepping into functions - Repro Case Included

We are porting a product developed using a reasonably complex commercial C++ engine* for Shield TV.

When stepping into breakpoints using the VisualStudio 2012/2013 Tegra integration, the gdb.exe binary included in the AndroidWorks slows to a crawl and crashes with a stack overflow (looking at the callstack of the crashed gdb.exe in the debugger it appears to be stuck in an infinite recursion).

Using the 7.4.1 precompiled gdb.exe binary from http://gnutoolchains.com/android appears to at least be able to step into functions, however it doesn’t seem to catch anything not on the main thread and it doesn’t get variables correctly.

*This issue can be reproduced with the simple example included in the engine. I can provide more info in a PM if required.

I have narrowed this down to a simple test case which can be tested in the NativeApp example provided by the Nvidia visual studio project wizard.

A zip file containing the offending c++ test case plus reproduction instructions as a comment block is located here:

System Environment:
Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
Visual Studio 2013
NSight Tegra 3.1
Shield Android TV version 5.1 with SW version 2.1

Thanks for the detailed report! We’ve successfully reproduced the issue (on several devices) and will see if it can be fixed for the next release.