Buy devices for jetson xavier nx

I would like to ask your advice about some devices that I will buy for my jetson xavier NX. My target is using that devices in SDK, open sources… of jetson xavier NX.

3 devices: Microphone, earphone bluetooth , usb spliter.

  1. Microphone: I need fequence higher 16kHz , right? Because I check some topic they said jetson voice need microphone frequency higher 16kHZ.

  2. Earphone bluetooth. i check in jetson docker docs Through M.2 key E connector; customer must add Bluetooth hardware on production systems * but i don’t understand. In amazon, I only see some things like bluetooth connectvity 5.0 or 5.1 , bluetooth connectvity 4.0 …
    So which bluetooth connectvity suitable for jetson xavier NX ? Ooes it work with bluetooth connectivity 5.0?

  3. usb spliter : 4 usb ports on jetson is not enough for me so I want to expand number of usb port. Can I connect multiple camera… and use them in some SDK, open sources through usb spliter?

I have just read and collect some information from other topic and link. I really worry if I buy wrong devices and they will not work on jetson. I need you advice for 3 devices before I buy them.

Thank you so much.

Hi, before your purchase, please read the module datasheet and dev kit user guide of Xavier NX in DLC. The module features and devkit usage are included in those docs.

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