Caffe build error with CuDNN on TX1: identifier "cudnnTensor4dDescriptor_t" is undefined

Hi all,

Got Jetpack 2.2, flashed it to the TX1 board. When I build my app I get the following error:

Building NVCC (Device) object src/caffe/CMakeFiles/cuda_compile.dir/util/
<build_dir>/include/caffe/util/cudnn.hpp(59): error: identifier “cudnnTensor4dDescriptor_t” is undefined

This is my first time building/running anything on the TX1 so I might not have gotten everything though I just followed the instructions for setting up the Jetpack. Will appreciate help resolving this. Thanks.

Hello vcog, thank you for reporting this issue, did you install the 32- or 64-bit version of L4T from JetPack? Did you attempt to delete the files created on your host by JetPack and flash your TX1 again?