CAM_MCLK required?

is it possible to drive the camera input clock from another source than the CAM_MCLK of the TX1/TX2?
If yes - which impact does this have on the TX1/TX2?

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hello beti,

please refer to the mclk description in the R28.1 development guide,
please check [Camera Development]-> [Sensor Driver Programming Guide]-> [Device Properties]

you could also refer to the e3333 device tree for more details,

Why do you want to change the clock source?

Hi ShaneCCC, JerryChang
for my use case I will provide the camera clock from a fpga.
The MIPI stream from the camera goes through the FPGA(sort of passthrough) to the tx1/tx2- but asynchronous to the tx1/tx2 cam_mclk.
Could there be any issue for the tx1/tx2 ISP?

That means your design use external mclk I think you can waive the mclk declare in DT(keep it as default).

@ ShaneCCC
So no roblem for the Video Pipeline in the tx1/tx2?

hello beti,

what’s the “problem” you’re mention?
had you bump into any issues with changing the mclk source yet?

Hello JerryChang,
currently we are designing a custom hardware which will not apply the CAM_CLK to the Imager.
So no issues yet :)

…CAM_MCLK provided by FPGA not from the tx1/tx2.