Camera example and headless mode

I’m developing an RL environment with a robot, target object and a camera using isaacGym.
My goal is to make an agent which takes an image as an observation, so I’m using get_camera_image_gpu_tensor() API with other related ones.

But when I switched on the headless mode(headless=True), I failed to get images using get_camera_image_gpu_tensor() API. I know this is because the sim doesn’t render the environment in headless mode. But I want to find more faster and optimal way.

My question is…
Q1: Are there any official examples using image observation?
Q2: Is there any way to get image observations through camera APIs by switching on the headless mode(headless=True) for a more faster rollouts?

Thank you

Hi @twkim0812,

In this release, we don’t have RL training environments that use camera sensors. But we have Python examples, using GPU pipeline: and slightly more detail, but without using GPU pipeline - and either of them should work in a headless mode.