Camera failed


We have a NX carrier board with two csi devices and NX previewed failed.
The device stream are from RX(TP2854).

However, the same carrier board with Nano module works well.

Plus, if set descr->status.status = CAPTURE_STATUS_SUCCESS always, NX previews ok.
( see the modified below – with added 2-24-2021)
modifiedsrc.docx (16.8 KB)

Here is the error message.
csi_err_nx_log.txt (677.0 KB)

Thank you for any advice to fix this issue,

Looks like the device output package without crc cause the problem.
Any side effect for you modification?

Hi Shane,

Thank you for your prompt support.
Yes. Vendor just said senor did not send ECC package.

We are looking for a proper way to disable ECC check.
If TX2 can be disabled ECC check like below, can NX be disabled like this?
ecc_error_tx2_p.docx (15.0 KB)

Thank you,

Current NX can’t disable it.
Maybe in plan to implement it.

Hi ShaneCCC,

Is there any suggestion to disable ECC on NX?
Or is there any concern about the way we did on #1?

Thank you,

Don’t have a way to disable it now.
For the way in #1 the concern is when real error happen may no able to catch it.

Do you have any further suggestion? For example: different place to modify?

Thank you,

For current VI driver arch there’s no way to modify from public source side.
It must modify from the rtcpu firmware.