Camera name in /dev/ folder

Does anyone know what device the included camera is listed under? I can’t find it in my device list. I’m pretty sure camera.pcl isn’t it. I know it works, I’ve been tinkering with the samples and even modified the edge detection demo to use the camera instead of a video file.

adnc0                   mmcblk0p11          ram4               tty41
adnc1                   mmcblk0p12          ram5               tty42
adnc2                   mmcblk0p13          ram6               tty43
adnc3                   mmcblk0p14          ram7               tty44
adnc4                   mmcblk0p15          ram8               tty45
adnc5                   mmcblk0p16          ram9               tty46
block                   mmcblk0p17          random             tty47
bus                     mmcblk0p18          rfkill             tty48
camera.pcl              mmcblk0p2           rtc                tty49
char                    mmcblk0p3           rtc0               tty5
console                 mmcblk0p4           shm                tty50
constraint_cpu_freq     mmcblk0p5           snd                tty51
constraint_gpu_freq     mmcblk0p6           stderr             tty52
constraint_online_cpus  mmcblk0p7           stdin              tty53
core                    mmcblk0p8           stdout             tty54
cpu_dma_latency         mmcblk0p9           sw_sync            tty55
cpu_freq_max            mmcblk0rpmb         tegra_camera_ctrl  tty56
cpu_freq_min            net                 tegra-crypto       tty57
disk                    network_latency     tegra_dc_0         tty58
emc_freq_min            network_throughput  tegra_dc_ctrl      tty59
fb0                     null                tegra-throughput   tty6
fd                      nvhost-as-gpu       timerinfo          tty60
full                    nvhost-ctrl         trc                tty61
fuse                    nvhost-ctrl-gpu     tty                tty62
gpu_freq_max            nvhost-ctrl-isp     tty0               tty63
gpu_freq_min            nvhost-ctrl-isp.1   tty1               tty7
hidraw0                 nvhost-ctrl-nvdec   tty10              tty8
hidraw1                 nvhost-ctrl-vi      tty11              tty9
i2c-0                   nvhost-dbg-gpu      tty12              ttyS0
i2c-1                   nvhost-gpu          tty13              ttyS1
i2c-2                   nvhost-isp          tty14              ttyS2
i2c-3                   nvhost-isp.1        tty15              ttyS3
i2c-4                   nvhost-msenc        tty16              ttyTHS1
i2c-5                   nvhost-nvdec        tty17              ttyTHS2
i2c-6                   nvhost-nvjpg        tty18              ttyTHS3
input                   nvhost-prof-gpu     tty19              uhid
keychord                nvhost-tsec         tty2               uinput
kmsg                    nvhost-tsecb        tty20              urandom
last_trc                nvhost-tsg-gpu      tty21              vcs
log                     nvhost-vi           tty22              vcs1
loop0                   nvhost-vic          tty23              vcs2
loop1                   nvidiactl           tty24              vcs3
loop2                   nvmap               tty25              vcs4
loop3                   ov5693.1            tty26              vcs5
loop4                   port                tty27              vcs6
loop5                   ppp                 tty28              vcs7
loop6                   ptmx                tty29              vcsa
loop7                   pts                 tty3               vcsa1
loop-control            quadd               tty30              vcsa2
mapper                  quadd_auth          tty31              vcsa3
max_cpu_power           ram0                tty32              vcsa4
max_gpu_power           ram1                tty33              vcsa5
max_online_cpus         ram10               tty34              vcsa6
md0                     ram11               tty35              vcsa7
mem                     ram12               tty36              vga_arbiter
min_online_cpus         ram13               tty37              watchdog
mipi-cal                ram14               tty38              watchdog0
mmcblk0                 ram15               tty39              xt_qtaguid
mmcblk0p1               ram2                tty4               zero
mmcblk0p10              ram3                tty40              zram0

It isn’t listed because they haven’t finished the v4l2 interface. The only way I know (as of R23.1) is via a proprietary gstreamer plugin.

$ gst-launch-1.0 nvcamerasrc fpsRange=“30.0 30.0” ! ‘video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), width=(int)1920, height=(int)1080, format=(string)I420, framerate=(fraction)30/1’ ! nvtee ! nvvidconv flip-method=2 ! ‘video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), format=(string)I420’ ! nvoverlaysink -e

“device:/nvcamera” in place of “file…” will make the camera work with the demo. I can’t remember the full line but you can find it in the camera player sample.

Searching in the kernel source I found a device


get created.

However, I cannot figure out how it is used by the proprietary plugin. Changing it to smth else doesn’t make the plugin work anymore :(

In the L4T R23.2 update which will be launched very shortly, the camera will automatically show up as V4L2 device (under /dev/video0). Will let you know when it’s out.

Thanks for the update.