Camera recomendations with the best color


I would like to hear what is your recommedation on a good camera with good driver support for the jetson nano. Currently i have the IMX708 which supposedly have autofocus but none of the drivers i found have a clear way on how to control the focus.

So im planning to replace it. Im looking for one that has decent color accuracy as my application involves some color processing. Other than that is just driver support, its really annoying that i have to contact the manufacturer for support and even them cant give a straight answer.

Any recommendations?

You can check if imx477 match your request otherwise may contact with camera partner.
BTW Jetson camera framework don’t support focus.


Looks like a great camera it has a large sensor.

Ahh that makes sense why it was very hard to find guides adjusting the focus. But luckily the manufacturer linked me scripts that adjust the focus via i2c. So im giving my camera another shot first before buying the replacement

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