Orin Nano IMX477

I have been looking over forum posts related to the Arducam IMX477, but I still have not found much information about the current compatibility of the Arducam IMX477 with the Jetson Orin Nano Dev Kit. Is there support for using the motorized focus or autofocus? Here is a link to the product I am referring to.

Sorry to tell Jetson series don’t support autofocus feature.



But can I still focus “manually” to specific ranges in code? Like is the use of the motor not working, or is just the autofocus not working? I guess my overall question is what is the best camera for me to use with a Jetson Orin Nano. If I can set the focus in code, this looks like a good option. If not, I might go with the stock IMX477. Are there any other ones to consider?

You need to implement focus driver for manually mode. Otherwise no matter auto or manually don’t work.


What do you mean by "implement "? Is this easy? Do I have to code drivers from scratch or is this just an install?

Suppose current IMX477 only the sensor driver you need to implement a VCM(focus) driver to control it. If not you can use i2c tools to control the VCM as other solution.


I am very new to this ecosystem, so I don’t really know what this means, but it sounds like it is not too hard?

First you need to know the i2c slave address of VCM in IMX477 module.
Then using i2c tools or implement a kernel driver to control it.

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