Jetson Nano + ArduCam imx477

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I have an issue that showed up with my Jetson Nano + image sensor imx477. I have already set it up and got it all working for some time. I moved the assembly to a different setup and now my image sensor is not autofocusing like it should when I call the script I made to autofocus. I have moved it before and it worked like normal so I am kind of confused on why its not working this time. I have not changed the script as well.

Does anyone know of possible issues or software updates that I might need to look at?

Thank you

Jetson don’t support auto focus. Suppose you need to adjust the focus position to infinity manually.

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Correct. Initially it does not support but we were able to manipulate the program to replicate an autofocusing routine with the imx477 image sensor. I know this is a Nvidia forum but do you think discharge could backflow through the mipi cord to the image sensor and burn chips on its board? The Jetson provides 3.3 volts but I cannot think of any other hardware issue that would all of a sudden disrupt my routine. How often do mipi cords go bad?

What is mipi cords?

MIPI Camera Serial Interface 2 connection. Its like a ribbon cable for image sensors.

I would suggest consult with ArduCam for detail information.


Currently, we only have the IMX477 camera using manual focus and one-shot focus on the Jetson. For details, please refer to the following link:MIPI_Camera/Jetson/IMX477/AF_LENS at master · ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera · GitHub

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