Can an AGX Orin be in Endpoint Mode and host an NVMe SSD?


I have successfully flashed my Jetson AGX Orin Developer kit as PCIe Endpoint mode using these official instructions.

To allow another Jetson — serving as PCIe root complex — to talk to this endpoint, we’re planning to develop a custom board using NVIDIA’s Endpoint Design Guidelines Application Note.

My question is: Can the Orin AGX serving as PCIe endpoint also utilize an attached NVMe PCIe x4 SSD connected via the M.2 slot? In this case, is the Orin simultaneously an endpoint w.r.t. the PCIe root complex and a root complex w.r.t. the SSD?

To clarify, the proposed PCIe connection tree would look like:

Jetson A (PCIe root complex, flashed normally)
----> Jetson B (Orin AGX, flashed as PCIe endpoint)
--------> Jetson B’s M.2 NVMe SSD (…also an endpoint?)

We’d like to have an idea if this will work, before buying/building any expensive hardware. Thank you!


It is not “jetson becomes an endpoint”. It is just one of the pcie controller on jetson is in ep mode.

Thus, other controllers are still RP for the nvme ssd.

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