PCIe Endpoint Ethernet

I read here

and have two questions please:

  1. The AGX Orin for example has several PCIe controllers , each with the capability to act as RC or EP.
    Can I set some of them as RC and others as EPs in order to use them with PCIe Endpoint Mode?

  2. If I activate the PCIe Ethernet mode, can I use any sockets based app to transfer the packets via PCIe instead TCP/UDP IP? I mean does it is transparent to the app (for example use iperf)?


  1. No, not every of them could be EP. Only some of them could be.
    Please refer to UPHY lane configuration.
    Jetson AGX Orin Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

  2. Yes, it could work.

thank you.

I’ll be more specific with my question:

The guide says i have to re-flash the Jetson in order for it to act as an endpoint.
My question is if the Jetson can use some ports as RCs (for controlling external NVMe SSD)
and some as EPs (for Ethernet over pcie use case) at the same time without any problems?


Yes, it would work.

But here is no “some as EPs”. Actually it could be just “one as EP”.

Thank you.
From the adaptation section I can set both UPHY1(NVHS) and UPHY2(GBE) as EPs (giving up on 10GB Ethernet).
Am I wrong?

Yes, but the endpoint on C7 needs extra device tree change was not included.

C5 can directly be endpoint after adjusting odmdata as we already validated it.

Thanks for the help. I’ll try to use them and update here for others.

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