Can i control direct "nvosd framebuffer" like fbdev?

Hi i making menu ui on deepstream-app.

i used dev/fb0 framebuffer

but I could see nothing when I modified the frame buffer,

i think video stream & nvosd layer is Top-Level

how can i control Top-Level’s Framebuffer(RGBA Memory) ??

video stream and nvosd buffer are not dev/fb0 framebuffer. But I think you can refer to gstdsexample (similar to nvosd) to modify data - gstdsexample.cpp -> gst_dsexample_transform_ip() ->
NvBufSurface “sources/includes/nvbufsurface.h”-> NvBufSurfaceParams-> dataPtr

Hi Chris

i found width, height, size, dataPtr, colorFormat in “NvBufSurface->NvBufSurfaceParams”.

g_print("Surface width = %u\n",surface->surfaceList[0].width);
g_print("Surface height = %u\n",surface->surfaceList[0].height);
g_print("Surface datasize = %u CF = %u\n",surface->surfaceList[0].dataSize,surface->surfaceList[0].colorFormat);

width = 1280

height = 720

datasize = 1572864

colorFormat = 6(NVBUF_COLOR_FORMAT_NV12) <- can i change RGB or RGBA format?

i want to modify data pointer in RGB(A) format like nvosd(draw shape, text)

can you give me an answer friendly ?

(input source = USB Web cam)

Check Plz…