can i use ar0231 sensor + GMSL on tx2?


i bought SEKONIX AR0231 RCCB GMSL Camera.

I made max9286 aggregate board on TX2.

so i tested other camera work on Tx2(YUV Sensor + MAX96705 ----- MAX9286)

i want to get AR0231 sensor initial code(i2c)

SEKONIX AR0231 GMSL Camera is work on Drive PX2

could you give me AR0231 initial code and image out information(resolution, frame rate, etc)

help me plz

You have to get it from the vendor.

Hi walterkim

Were you able to get the SEKONIX AR0231 RCCB GMSL Camera to work on a TX2?

Have you tried to use the GSML->USB3 adapter?

thank you

Could you share some information on the board you made walterkim?

What latency are you getting (camera -> max deserializer -> csi -> nvsinkoverlay) ?

I do not know what you want.

give me detail information


We were able to get the Serializer/Deserializer working, so it is possible to use the MAX96705 / MAX9286 combination. You can read more about it here:

We don’t have the AR0231 to test with.