Can I use the demo assets as environment?

Hi Omniverse crew!

The quality of assets scenes is stunning!

What is the policy with these environments, can I use them in commercial work?
For example we have our own SaaS product soon to be launched here:

It is a commercial platform, billed by hour.
Users can do easily animations with Reallusion CC avatars there.

We are waiting for the Nvidia license model for our product, our contact person for that in OV is Paul Cutsinger.

But can I use these example assets from Launcher / Exchange / Content
in our commercial product as environments for our characters?

Pekka Varis

the content packs are normally bound by the NVIDIA license found here:

in addition, OV enterprise customers are bound by the NVIDIA licenses for all content packs:

i am sure the mods/devs will be able to give a much shorter answer, these are just the fine prints just in case if you want to look through the terms.

Thanks @Simplychenable !
We talked with Edmar about this and the way he think this works is:
One can use these even in commercial projects, but not to SHARE anyhow.

“Distribute Content (unmodified or as modified by you) as incorporated into your products or services for the purpose of enhancing your work, but not deploy or distribute the Content on a stand-alone basis”

“…non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable”

yea, i recall that’s what Ashley also mentioned in past livestreams as well; but, it’s always good to confirm with the devs and sifting through the EULA just in case👍

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That´s true!
I picked 3 environments and we start by checking out each of them to be suitable.

Edmar also said that assets from Marbles are exception. They cannot be used like this.

most of them (except maybe the vinci workshop) already come with your localhost nucleus, so it should save you from having to re-download them for inspection purposes; but don’t let me stop you if you insist or wish to have offline access to these great assets.

and good to know about the Marbles!

The beauty of this is I can make variations / combinations of these ( with other environment freelancers! ) and have those to be used in our product and they all download from that localhost nucleus.

@edmar1 here is new kinky detail question: If I make such a variation of the above restaurant environment for example, can I let Stage by Cineshare -user to download that variation USD with only payloads imported? Or is that braking the “…non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable” rule?