Could you provide an example of residential 3D model?

Hi Support

I am new to omniverse.
I see residential 3D model packs available for download on omniverse enterprise website.
But I only see residential interior components inside.
Could you provide the residential 3D model USD for me to practice? (As shown below)

Thank you.

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Hello @nina_chou! You should have access to our content packs via the Omniverse Launcher. Under the Exchange Tab, in the Content Section, you can download our several of our content packs.

Hi @WendyGram, thank you for your reply.
I downloaded the package and could only see the furniture inside.
But I can’t find USD files of the living room in this photo. Is it possible to share the files?

Thank you.

Hello @nina_chou! I will ask the team!

Hello @nina_chou! Great news! The team is working on adding a USD scene file to our content pack! They need to do some cleanup work for the scene before it will be ready to share.

In the meantime, you can check out the demos in the NVIDIA / DEMOS folder on your local nucleus server. Take a look at the AEC demopack (Brownstone) and the Warehouse physics demo scene. Also, coming VERY SOON, we will be adding our Cloud maker floating island scene.