Can Isaac Sim support multiple cameras with different resolution?

Hello folks~

I have 6 cams. 2 cams are 3840x2160 and 4 cams are 1920x1280. I set the render resolution in Viewport for all cams and record the synthetic data(rgb, depth, instance segmentation) for all the cams simultaneously.

However, it turns out that all synthetic data are in 1920x1280. I tested several times. I am wondering whether Sim can support multiple cam with different resolution.

We do not need all cams in 3840x2160 and this setting can save lots of computation capacity. Could you double check it? Thanks!


Hello, this is a way you can do multiple cameras and writers.

import omni.replicator.core as rep

with rep.new_layer():
	with rep.trigger.on_frame(num_frames=10):
		with rep.create.cone(count=100):
	cam =,0,500))
	rp1 = rep.create.render_product(cam, (1024, 1024))
	rp2 = rep.create.render_product(cam, (16, 14))
	writer1 = rep.WriterRegistry.get('BasicWriter')
	writer1.initialize(output_dir="_out1", rgb=True)
	writer2 = rep.WriterRegistry.get('BasicWriter')
	writer2.initialize(output_dir="_out2", rgb=True)