Can Jetson TX2 connect to 5G hotspot?


Can I check can jetson tx2 wifi connect to 5G network? On my laptop it can detect the network but on Jetson, I am unable to detect it. It works fine with 2.4 though.


Hi nerd_guy, yes Jetson TX1/TX2 should be able to connect to both 2.4/5GHz wifi networks (I personally use 5GHz with it here), however it is possible that your hotspot is broadcasting on a 5G channel that is not supported/enabled in the firmware. Can you try changing the channel on your hotspot and see if that helps?

While I upgrade from JetPack 4.2 to JetPack 4.3 on Jetson TX2, it has the problem to access to the 5 GHz wifi. While I check the network configuration, the 5G signal is marked as weak. I can access to the 5 GHz wifi while I add the two antennas. So I have the conclusion that the 5GHz module is quite weak without the antennas.


The 5G channel is a default setup. It is not useful to change the 5G channel.