Can RCE timestamps be synchronized?

Hi, Nvidia
I wanted to get the exact time for the image to arrive at the soc, but I found that the timestamp benchmark on RCE is different from Linux, which is a very big challenge for our overall time synchronization, because we rely on Linux to get the trigger camera timestamp, and at the same time we need the RCE timestamp to get the exact timestamp to arrive at the soc.

Do you know how to update RCE time to Linux time? Or do you have a better solution?

Have reference to below topic for it.

Hi, ShaneCCC
We are using yuv camera, maybe we can not use argus program normally, can you tell me the way of v4l2? Our system version is R35.3.1.

The key point is the offset_ns, which is used to calculate the capture timestamp from system time.
it’s based-on below formula,
clock_gettime(MONOTONIC_RAW) = cycle_ns(TSC) - offset_ns

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