Can Shield run a video from PC directly?

I have connected the PC with Shield by USB type A cable. I use linux mint 19 cinnamon (kernel 4.15.0-38-generic). I’m not a developer but a simple user.

My answer: can I run a video (mkv, avi, mov) from PC directly to Shield (and to a projector Optoma HDMI)?

At now, I copy the video files to a usb pendrive and then plug the pendrive into the Shield, or copy the video file to Tegra device and then I run the video file in Shield.



Install an upnp/dlna app on the shield, then use PMS as server on your PC.

Thank you generix for your help.

I have installed Plex Media Server on linux and on the Shield. I have all the devices authorized by Plex Media Server. At the Plex Media Server settings page all the data is right, I suppose. But at the Plex homepage, there “searching server…” does not find any server :-?

On the Shield, after launching Plex I get the message (in Spanish) “Found a Plex Media Server on this device” BLINKING, the box “Enable Plex Media Server” enabled, but I cannot go forward.

What a picture!

Any hit?

Thank you.

I got it! Remove all the data of Shield and return to factory config.

I’m sorry, was too lazy, meant this PMS’:
That would have been easier.

Thank you, generix. As I said in my previous message, it’s already resolved. I deleted all the data from the Nvidia Shield, returned it to factory settings and started over. And it worked. For some reason, the Plex had become corrupted.

Best regards.