CAN support in the Sensor Processing Engine (SPE)

Is CAN supported by the SPE (aka Always-On Cluster (AOC))? This page says no but I am not sure whether it applies to the Orin NX. Could someone clarify?

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You are right. Current SPE firmware does not support CAN app in Orin platform, including Orin NX.

May I know the use case for CAN in SPE?


Mostly to make use of the SPE’s real-time capabilities and to synchronize sensors. See also this related questions of mine: Sensor synchronization with SPE and Orin processor

Hello, David:
Got it.
Unfortunately, CAN module is not officially supported in SPE firmware so far.
You can search the forum and there’s another thread discussing CAN driver in SPE. We can only provide very limited support and there’s a long way to develop CAN driver in SPE by yourself.


Hello Chen,

understood, thank you.


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