Can the nvdsanalytics plugin property be modified through the REST API?

My question is, in the DeepStream6.2 sdk, GPU, docker environment, using the nvmultiurisrcbin plugin in deepstream-test5, Can I make REST API calls through HTTP endpoints to modify the ROI parameters of nvdsanalytics plug-in in real time, such as the size of the ROI region? Can the modification take effect directly without restarting the entire pipeline? If possible, could you please give some examples for reference? Thank you!

currently using RTST API only can add and remove stream. please refer to doc for feature explanation and sample.
about modifying the nvdsanalytics 's ROI at runtime, please refer to this topic.

If I refer to topic 2, can I copy the gst-nvdsanalytics directory from DS6.3 into the DS6.2 environment and replace it with a new so file after compilation? Because most of my projects in DS6.2 environment have been completed. thank you!

yes, or you can copy source, then rebuild.

How do I implement nvdsanalytics parameters modification via the REST API of the nvmultiurisrcbin plugin? Without stopping the entire pipeline. Can you give some hints? Thanks!

you can implement a REST server yourself, which can process the requests from client.

Will this feature be added in a future version?

please refer to opt\nvidia\deepstream\deepstream-6.3\sources\apps\sample_apps\deepstream-server\deepstream_server_app.cpp, which supports REST server and processing many kinds of requests. please refer to readme.

@fanzh about Runtime Configuration Changes for Gst-nvdsanalytics Plugin Settings I want to thank you for providing the solution to my problem. I couldn’t express my gratitude in the previous post because it’s closed. Everything worked perfectly, and I’m already using it in production on deepstream 6.3.

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