Can use the Jetson Nano to work with the Google AIY Voice Kit?


The Google AIY Voice Kit was designed using the Raspberry Pi. Since Jetson Nano has the GPIO pins same as

raspberry pi, just wander if someone has the change to use the Jetson Nano for the AIY kit.

If so, any additional steps are needed in order to make that work?


Hi jqin2014,

I can’t tell whether AIY kit can work or not due to never tried it, may other developers share experiences. You can also refer to below topic if you’re interested in running DeepSpeech on the Jetson Nano

I own a Nano and a RPI/AIYv1 but I don’t want to rip them both apart… technically (GPIO connection) I think this will work, but most likely you will run into problems installing the AIY software/drivers as this is designed for the RPI/Armbian-Architecture and the Nano is Aarch64-Architecture.

Sources can be found here:

Hi, thanks for your information. I will give it a try to use the Nano for AIY project to see…

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Hello did it work in jetson nano ?

Could share your experience with it? Is it work?