CANBUS issue ROScube RQX-580

We’re currently in a group project, attempting to make a CANBUS connection to ROScube RQX580, which is powered by a Jetson AGX Xavier. We’re trying to use a socketCAN interface.

$ modprobe can_dev
$ modprobe can
$ modprobe can_raw

$ sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 125000
$ sudo ip link set up can0

We connect it using the corresponding pins in the 50 pin d-sub connector, which are specified in the ROScube datasheet.

However, when we try to connect to our current CANbus network it doesn’t seem to do anything, neither with socketcan commands like cansend and candump, nor using a pythoncan script. We’ve tried a loopback test and it doesnt’ seem to work either.

We’ve read most of the Jetson documentation, but we’re not sure if we have to make a specific configuration to set up the CANbus connection due to it being integrated in the ROScube.

Please check below thread to see if can help:

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