Jetson Xavier AGX Canbus Not Working - Loopback Test Fails Also

Just bought a brand new AGX which was running Ubuntu 18.04. Followed the instructions in several blogs/posts on how to setup CAN for this device. I performed the following steps:

sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303000 32 0x0000C400
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303008 32 0x0000C458
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303010 32 0x0000C400
sudo busybox devmem 0x0c303018 32 0x0000C458

I confirmed the values were correctly set by reading out the registers again.

sudo modprobe can
sudo modprobe can_raw
sudo modprobe mttcan

sudo ip link set can0 type can bitrate 1000000 loopback on
sudo ip link set can1 type can bitrate 1000000 loopback on

Shorted CAN0 RX and TX pins (pins 29 and 31) on the device using a female-female jumper wire.

In one terminal: candump can0
In the other terminal: cansend can0 5A1#1122334455667788

I get no response what so-ever even in this simple loopback test. Running lsmod shows can_dev, can_raw and can.

Running ifconfig shows both the can0 and can1 entries.

I don’t understand what is wrong here, did something change in the most recent units that requires additional setup? I tried an external receiver as well and that also did not work. Thanks.

Hi hillripper,
You said Running lsmod shows can_dev , can_raw and can
lsmod does not show ‘mttcan’ loaded?
Can you increase your kernel dmesg log level and give us dmesg logs when you try to modprobe mttcan. Check if it is successfully loaded or not.