CanBus on the Nano

Is there a CanBus connection on the Nano Board ?
is it available on the 240pin connector ?

Currently no CAN interface on Nano board.

ooo, that hurts,

is it supported on the chip ?

I thought it was running on the TX1

confused now.

No, not on TX1 either.

sorry now I am totally confused,
I thought the Tx1 and Tx2 and Nano used the same physical chip.

just the PCB mounted RAM and some other parts were slightly different.

can you please give me a pointer to the chip that is on the Nano,
maybe I should purchase a TX2 ?

I would be constructing my own PCB, if the CanBus only requires a line driver, then that is ok.
do you have a pinout for the 240pin connector ?

TX1 and Nano used same chip. TX2 used another one which supports CAN bus.

240pin connector has CAN pins for reserve, they are float on Nano board.

Trumany, Thanks for your comments so far,

can you confirm;

On the Nano what speed are the processors running ?

is there a spec sheet on the Maxwell chip on the Nano ?

Please refer to this site:, the datasheet is not released yet, please keep waiting for that.

seems too small and too slow for ROS…
not sure ROS will run on it.

is it really 100x slower than the latest AGX modules ?

Please refer to upcoming datasheet for detail.

Have been running ROS Melodic on it and not seen a problem yet. Of course, if you are using a resource-heavy node like RTAB-MAP than you can expect the performance to be reduced versus AGX.

I run ROS kinetic on the NVIDIA TK1 platform (specifically the Apalis TK1) and I have no issues whatsoever for performance and hardware h264 video encoding.

I need a CAN bus running in my system on a Nano. Any chance to get this running?
Any hints regarding that?

Maybe with a MCP2515 breakout board?

There is no CAN controller on Nano(T210). Even connecting MCP2515 won’t work

If it works for Raspberry Pi, why is shouldn’t with Nano?

Can you explain why it wouldn’t work? It’s just talking to the MCP2515 over SPI?

Yes, over SPI , looks like it could work
and you would still require the transceiver.

Probably faster and better to use a small micro controller, then the frames will be buffered.
I would suggest something like a STM32F072 $2 with 16k ram, or tiny STM32F046 for $1 with 6k ram


Yes Over SPI, MCP to MCP CAN communication should work on NANO.

Would you please support in how to setup such a MCP2515 controller breakout board in Jetson Nano Devkit? MCP251x driver is already in the nano image! That should be good to go! Would be great if you could do a how-to on that.

The board can be something like that:

The next issue would b interrupt latency,
do you think the Code you found is interrupt driven ? (If not, you will lose frames)
and DMA the SPI data ?

otherwise it will be a bottleneck and you will lose frames.
Hence the suggestion to offload that overhead to a small micro.

What CanBus speed are you looking at ?
Do you know how much traffic is on the CanBus ? 10% would be achievable. 90% would be problematic.

the connections would be very simple.
Mosi from the Nano to Mosi on the module
SClk Miso the same
then I hope there is an interrupt pin. to Nano Interrupt input.
5 Volts and Ground…