Cannot add articulation to my robot

I’m wondering why I cannot add articulation in my customized robot imported from

Screenshot from 2023-02-25 23-22-45

Hi @xiaoqingyu0113

Have you looked inside the Physics submenu at [Context menu] > Add > Physics?

Also, a tip for creating articulations according to the documentation: Articulations must have a tree structure in terms of the rigid-body links and the joints between them

If it doesn’t work, can you share the .usd for inspection?

Hello Toni. Thanks for your reply. I attached the usd file in the zip file.

Hi @xiaoqingyu0113

It seems to be your robot has already the Articulation Root…
However, the joint drives are not defined.

You can add drives as follow:

I recommend you check the Rigging Robots tutorial (particularly Add Joints, Drives, and Articulations section) for adding and configuring joint drives.

Also, check this post for hints:

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Thanks for your detailed reply! I really like it!

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