No articulation schema present for prim

Hi I got a question when trying to run my self-design robot based on orbit. I get error “No articulation schema present for prim ‘/World/LogRobot_1’.”

The robot is imported from onshape with defined constraints which I am sure is ok. It looks fine in isaac sim as following.

Thanks for any help and avdices!

Many thanks for any replies and happy to discuss any possible solutions!

Replied to your other topic:
It seems you are missing the articulation schema part.
Check the UsdPhysics documentation for Articulations: Universal Scene Description: UsdPhysics : USD Physics Schema

You can add ArticulationRoot from the UI right clicking on either a top level prim making sure the hierarchy below is simulated as an articulation or directly on the body/joint where you want to have the articulation root based on the rules in the documentation.


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