No articulation schema

I am trying to train a self-design robot, but I keep having a question about “No articulation schema” as showing below.

And the USD shows as below:

And all joints have been defined for the robot, how can I make sure I have an “articulation” for the robot? If I do not have one here, how can I add one?

Many thanks for any replies!

It seems you are missing the articulation schema part.
Check the UsdPhysics documentation for Articulations: Universal Scene Description: UsdPhysics : USD Physics Schema

You can add ArticulationRoot from the UI right clicking on either a top level prim making sure the hierarchy below is simulated as an articulation or directly on the body/joint where you want to have the articulation root based on the rules in the documentation.


Hi @AlesBorovicka . Thank you so much for your reply and also for replying to another post. I tried your solution, and it works!

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