Cannot capture frame in Nsight 4.0 with Opengl 4.3

I am trying to capture frame for debugging but this error pops up:

Cannot enter frame debugger. Nsight only supports frame debugging for
D3D9, D3D10, D3D11, and OpenGL 4.2.
Reason: glEnd

Also, when I use the performance analysis tool I always get 0 GPU frames.

I’m working on VS13 on a GT540M

So I removed the only draw call with GlEnd and used drawElements instead and the debugger works. The performance analysis tool still gives me 0 GPU frames though.

I am having another issue, the graphic debugger just crashes when in my code there is a glMultiDrawElementsBaseVertex command. If I use glDrawElementsBaseVertex the debugger works. I saved the dumb file in case a moderator wants to look at it

Hi 8mike,

Nsight does not support immediate mode and that is why you saw the incompatible capture for glEnd.

Can you send me your dump file so that I can investigate what is going wrong? We can address the performance analysis issue after closing out the crash issue.