Cannot Complete Download Form Which is All in Chinese!

I appreciate you might be thinking, this guy shouldn’t be playing with AI, but I’m struggling to download the Omniverse software, because all or part of the form (depending on which version of Omniverse I try to download) is in Chinese! Now, probably for fiscal reasons, my school never invested in a Chinese Languages department, being in the south of England. Therefore my Chinese is practically non-existent. I hope someone can help me fill in the form. The one section that popped up in English, “Job Role” or something, had no options to select.

I apologise for the fraught nature of this email, it’s been a long day.

Best wishes,
Stephen Butler x

Hello @stephenbutler60! I’m not sure why you are seeing the website in Chinese. I suggest that you clear your browser cache & cookies.

Try these links to download Omniverse: Windows or Linux

Hi WendyGram! Thank you so much! I really appreciate the links. It’s downloading now even as we speak. Type. Communicate.

Thanks again
Stephen x