Urgent: Seeking Contact Information for Omniverse Cloud Sales in China for audio2face Service

I’m reaching out to the community in hopes of finding some assistance with an urgent matter. I’ve been trying to activate the Omniverse audio2face cloud service for a while now and have submitted my information through the official website several times without any response.

I am in a bit of a time crunch and urgently need to get this service up and running. Would anyone be able to provide contact information for the Omniverse cloud sales team in China, or direct me to the right channel to expedite this process?

Any help or pointers would be immensely appreciated as I navigate through this process. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

not sure if @Richard3D or @emendizabal could assist in finding the right person for you.

I will reach out to someone and get back to you. Can you please send your contact details to me directly in a Private message.

Thank you for reaching out and offering to help.

I have contacted Enterprise Sales in China for ACE and they are not seeing your application. Can you re-apply again please. IMPORTANT: We do not accept applications from personal email addresses. It has to be from a professional organization domain please.


I had previously submitted my application through the “Get in Touch” channel on the Omniverse Enterprise 许可和定价 | NVIDIA page, under the sections for Cloud for Teams and Cloud Platform-as-a-Service. It’s strange that the sales team did not receive my application. Anyway, I have resubmitted my information through the link you provided. Thank you for your assistance.