cannot download cuda 5


I’m trying to download the cuda 5 toolkit from the‎ site, but it seems to be down (at least in northern Germany). The only Answer I get is:

An error occurred while processing your request.

Reference #97.e7ffef50.1369166105.14283d1

Can someone download the cuda 5 toolkit for win xp 32bit and upload it somewhere, where I can download it (e.g. dropbox public link or so).

Thanks in advance!

Just chatted with the support, he helped me out. Nevertheless its strange that I cannot reach the site for the whole day now.

Sorry about that! There was a problem with our network around 3pm PT yesterday, resulting in intermittent availability of the DevZone web site (

In the meantime, the CUDA 5 XP 32-bit installer is still available at: