Cannot login to nvidia DLI

I am unable to login to DLI.

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I have a same problem
After fill my email and password, login page is hang on

Yep. Same.

Hi everyone,

I have informed the DLI team of this. Please stay tuned for updates.

Tom K

Hi. Sorry about this. A login system update deployed incorrectly. You should be able to log in now.

Yep can confirm.

Might need to “force refresh” the page though. On chrome, open developer tools, press and hold refresh button, and select “empty cache and hard refresh”.


Might need to “force refresh” the page though.

Thank you. This is good advice. Ctrl+Shift+R or Cmd+Shift+R may also work, depending on your environment.

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I am trying to login a course I am tasked with today, (ITU event) and I am stuck in a login loop, unable to proceed.

Hey Justinb,
Tried to force reload and DLI return login page

I can login DLI successfully

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