Cannot set breakpoint


I cannot set breakpoints.

I’m using the

  • 4.7.2 toolchain.
  • project type is “Make Application (ndk-build -> .apk)”

Hovering over the breakpoint display a tooltip:
“The breakpoint will not currently be hit. The module containing the breakpoint location is not loaded”

Despite the message above, my library is loaded.
The modules window in VS show the library ( as loaded.

Breakpoints work OK if using

  • the 4.7 toolchain (instead of 4.7.5)
  • project type “Application (.so -> .apk)” instead of “Make Application (ndk-build -> .apk)”;

My is:

LOCAL_PATH := $(subst //,/,$(call my-dir))

include $(CLEAR_VARS)

LOCAL_MODULE    := test472


hi EiH_x,
when will you encounter this issue? Normally, this is just tips when you set a Breakpoint to a line that would be able to hit during the next debug running.
for example, you set a BP in native code, while your debug mode is Java code.


After some investigation I may have found a bug in the 4.7.2 toolchain:
The -g compiler flag in not being added in debug builds.

A workaround could be adding


to in debug build and comment it out in release build.

The problem with the workaround is that you need to manually edit the .mk file every time you switch between Debug and Release.

Is there a formal way to file a bug report?


Currently, we do not provide support for modifying user’s .mk files. Almost all makefile-related things must be done manually. On the other hand, if the user has a MSBuild-based project, Nsight Tegra will do the great amount of work for them.

As for the bug reporting - we monitor the forums regularly and create the tickets as issues are mentioned here.