Cannot switch P106-100 from TCC to WDDM on newest drivers

I’m trying to enable WDDM on P106-100 card under Windows 10

nvidia-smi.exe -g 0 -dm 0

It works perfectly on driver v417.22 (stable) or 417.23 (beta). But starting from driver v417.35 it result to error 43 in device manager.

On latest driver (471.11) it does not show error, but nvidia-smi does not see card after switching to WDDM, and GPU-Z shows “0 MB” memory size.

The P106 was meant for mining only and the inofficial feature of being able to use it as a graphics device on Windows was locked after 417.22 according to this thread:

Since this is the Linux forum, you could try that, as the Linux driver doesn’t have different driver models.