Can't load nvenc plugins


I am facing a weird problem with the nvcodec elements, mainly the nvh265enc and nvh264enc plugins. I can run several pipelines simultaneously in the terminal using those elements and everything runs properly. But when I run a piece of cpp software that uses these elements I am no longer able to use them in the terminal.

When I try to inspect the element, example:

gst-inspect-1.0 nvh264enc
I have the following error:

element plugin couldn’t be loaded

No such element or plugin ‘nvh264enc’

Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this behavior?

Thanks in advance,


The plugins are named nvv4l2h264enc and nvv4l2h265enc. For more examples, please look at gstreamer user guide

Hello Dane,

I am not using those plugins. I am using the nvcodec plugins: nvcodec

The plugins are not supported on Jetson platforms. Please use the v4l2 plugins.

My bad, I am using a 3060TI, I will change the posts topic. Sorry

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