Can't load tegra-drm module on custom build kernel

I’ve compiled the kernel (from Jetson-Nano-public_sources.tbz2) with


System runs well with it, but when I try to load tegra-drm module I see the following error in dmesg:

[ 1136.697896] tegra-dpaux 545c0000.dpaux: failed to get parent clock: -2
[ 1136.704473] tegra-dpaux: probe of 545c0000.dpaux failed with error -2

Is DRM module is supported on Jetson Nano and what can be the issue?

Hi kirgene,

CONFIG_DRM_TEGRA is not supported on tegra kernel yet. However, we have a userspace library that can help you do drm-kms.

Please refer to the MMAPI sample from Jetpack and see how we implement Drmrenderer.