Carrier IO voltages on C7 suspend

We have battery powered device that is using our custom carrier with Orin Nano module, NVMe SSD and USB3 hub.
Issue currently is that when Jetson is in suspend our device still takes about 1.3W of power, most of that is going to NVMe SSD.
There is no way currently to cut 3.3v from SSD it is on that same 3.3v rail as Jetson IO. I have tried to shutdown 3.3v, 1.8v and 1.1v rails when Jetson is in suspend and power consumption in that state is about 0.3W. If I just enable those voltages before I wake Jetson up it will recover just fine from suspend.

Question now is that is there any risk of permanently breaking something from Jetson side by doing this?
I know that signals in suspend will keep states so there may be some leakage from IO pins that are high, but can that cause permanent damage?


Do you mean you use external 3.3V to SSD and it can not be cut off during suspend? That might be risky. Why don’t you follow the devkit design to use the same 3.3V of carrier to SSD?

No we currently have similar design as in DevKit. I was just wondering if it would be better to use switch to only cut SSD power on C7 suspend or is there any harm to cut all? I haven’t found any documentation what parts of Jetson module are powered and what not in C7 suspend.
Currently there is small issue if for some reason Jetson decides to wake from suspend (example wrong settings on RTC) it can’t not be seen from carrier side because all level sifters are powered off…
Also if some one knows way to shutdown SSD from software side that would be even better. That automatic power saving system seems to work, but actual measured currents are much higher. I have also tried to force SSD to lowest power level with out success.


It should be connected to a always on power so not able to configure.

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