Cboot console set-var command

Hello, is there any where where I can find a list with all the variables that can be set with the “set-var” command on the cboot console?


Which code snippet are you referring to?

Cboot console has a setvar and printvar command, is there anywhere a list that says which arguments are valid in “setvar” ?

Something like “printenv”? It looks like although some of the U-Boot functionality exists in CBoot, some of the command line utilities (such as “printenv” or “env”) are not ported to CBoot. I think a command which prints all environment variables would be useful. Then it would be possible to know what variables are present.

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@WayneWWW This is the boot menu i am refering to:

TEGRA194 # ?
command list:
help - print command description/usage
? - alias for 'help'
echo - echo args to console
exit - exit shell
history - command history
setvar - set a variable with user specified value
printvar - print value of specified variable
boot - kernel boot
mmu - info about mmu

My question is what are the possible variables of setvar, for example “boot-order”. What else we can set?


The setvar/printvar capabilities in the CBoot console are pretty limited. You can currently only update/show the vars in the CBO (CBoot Boot Options) feature (cbo.dts), such as:


See the T194 CBoot source, tegrabl_cbo.c and var_cmd.c in particular.

This was going to replicate the functionality in U-Boot, as @linuxdev says, but never got fleshed out much more than printing/changing the CBO variables.