how to change cbootargs

“setenv” command has no effect.

Where are you trying to change this? Serial console on the Jetson? Something during flash? What part are you trying to change?

I want to change “bootargs” in the debug uart on jetson

There is no “bootargs” under R28.1. Are you talking about the command line passed to the kernel? This is “cbootargs”. Example:

env print cbootargs
env edit cbootargs
env print cbootargs

…if you don’t save the Jetson will still boot with the edits, but the edits will go away on the next boot (it’s a good safety in testing).

hi linuxdev
how to save the changed in the Jetson。
Look forward to your response

Look forward too. Others is OK but cbootargs.

Looks like I missed a reply originally. Some details change depending on release. Which release are you using? What do you see on serial console from U-Boot console with “printenv”?

FYI, from the U-Boot prompt you can run “saveenv” after editing an environment variable with serial console in the U-Boot command prompt (although you might run into a bug in some cases).

If you want to do this within the device tree, then look for the “chosen”/“bootargs” entry. In later releases I believe this will get edited in CBoot and called “cbootargs”, with most of that passed on to become “bootargs” at the Linux kernel stage. Note that in later releases this is signed content, and so you need to add it with the flash tools.

Hi @Linuxdev,
I get the way to change it.
I found the p2771-0000.conf.common in dir Linux_for_Tegra and changed the macro CMDLINE_ADD.
The cbootargs is changed after flashing the whole image as expected.